Merve Karamete was born in Istanbul. After receiving her under-graduate degree in the field of Industrial Product Design from Halic University in 2010, she started her Master’s Degree in Mimar Sinan Art Academy. As of now, she is in her thesis phase.

Since her student years, Merve has always been in the mind set of gaining as wide range of experiences as possible to expand her vision. Currently, she is with Arda Glassware where she designs products which are functional and with aesthetics. Her current engagement these days involves the preparation of Arda’s next Ambiente Fair collection.

Merve is a gifted national team fencer with the honors of representing Turkey in many national and international fencing competitions. Her accomplishments in fencing entitled her precious college scholarships.

As an animal lover she is currently the vice president at the Akita Club of Turkey. She enjoys dog sports  and participating  competitions with her own akita.